N5-X20 - 2 Pack Antennas (Dish)

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    4.9-6.4 GHz Modular Twist-on Antenna, 250mm Dish for C5x and B5x, 20 dBi gain.
    Contains 2 Antenna Assemblies

    Integrated Radio with Modular Antenna Options

    The C5x radio’s native 8 dBi gain can be increased to 12, 16, 20 or 25 dBi using Mimosa’s modular, N5-X, twist-on antennas, offering the ease and simplicity of integrated radios, but with so much more flexibility!

    Incredible RF Performance

    Available with either Cassegrain or horn antenna options, the C5x reduces localized noise and provides immunity from interference with breakthrough front-to-back and front-to-side performance. Each antenna in the N5-X family is optimized to isolate noise with incredible sidelobe rejection.

    Ultra Rugged

    The C5x, with its die-cast aluminum metal enclosure, dual pole mounts, and industrial-grade twist-on antenna
    options, is custom-engineered to reduce noise, withstand the outdoor elements and stay mounted in harsh wind and extreme weather.

    Extended Frequency 4.9–6.4 GHz

    To escape the noise, the C5x lets you take advantage of licensed frequencies from 4.9 GHz up to 6.4 GHz, where allowed by local regulations, including the public safety band in the US. The custom-designed N5-X modular antennas are specifically optimized for C5x extended frequency support.

    Key Applications

    • Broadband service providers
    • Public safety and first responders
    • Enterprise and campus building interconnecting
    • Multipoint distributi